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    Hi.  I understand the challenges with loneliness and in time you will come to value your own space.  It takes time and adjustment and coming to this site will give the opportunity to open up about the ups and downs of living alone.

    You will find if you keep busy with things you could not do in the past with many to care for you can spread your wings a little.

    Take on new activity, get out as much as possible and like I did filled my day with activities that I enjoy.

    A gym membership, walking challenges and just enjoying nature.

    You build your own toolbox of things to keep the mind busy and in time you will meet people like you and build friendships.

    Time is on your side and you will see that the loneliness you feel now will disappear and you will start to enjoy your life in ways you never did before.

    Its a new beginning so enjoy all that the world offers:)