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    Hi, I’m so sorry you are going through this. It’s a difficult situation and please know I understand. I lived with alcoholism in my family and I was the oldest of three. We grew up and we talk about it now but didn’t talk about it much when we were younger. It’s good you are reaching out ! It’s not your fault and we have learned that being an alcoholic is an illness. It’s important to know that. As time goes on you will speak up and be honest with your mom and know you can get through it.
    If you are in school talk to your guidance counsellor if you can. It can be difficult it but I assure you they are kind and helpful.
    I wish I did !

    There are many places that help young people and a few listed in the resources here. I will help you if you ask and give some direction if you want.

    It’s good to talk about and I will be here as well as others to just talk if you want.