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    Good morning.  Well you’re not alone we is comes to being nervous around others and anxiety or being anxious can be troubling but can be over come.  It’s important to be active and reduce stress.  I avoid coffee if I’m a little anxious:). It’s really about recognizing and changing negative thoughts especially about yourself.  Cognitive behavioural therapy is a great way to start and very effective in groups and we learn to face the situations we fear the most.  It helps to improve coping skills and you eventually build confidence.  Depending on the severity sometimes anti anxiety medications are suggested and I know many who have had great success but it’s not always what is required.  I exercise daily and eat right and get lots of fresh air and this routine has helped to reduce anxiety and stress.


    i am here daily and you can reach out anytime and I promise I will respond.


    Hope this message finds you well and talk soon.