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    Hi hope your doing ok today.  I want you to know it’s ok being sad and recognizing your emotions.  It’s good if you can stay connected with others if possible.  Many seniors go through sadness and reaching out is the first step.  There are many senior clubs in the city and it does not take long to make friends alike.  There are numerous recourses on this platform and of course I will help you any time you come here.

    The 55 plus centre offer many activities and if you are nervous about attending I would take you there and be a support.

    I also provide assistance for counselling if required and you can ask me here what that entails.

    My name is Clint Harris and my number is(807) 632-3229 and will respond any time you reach out as well as responding here.

    You are not alone anymore as I am here whenever you need to chat.