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    <p class=”p2″>This is all accurate information. I am a grade 9 student at Ignatius and I was a player on the Junior team. Our assistant coach was Cassie. The head coach of the Senior team was Kevin. She was asleep on his shoulder on the bus ride down which we thought was odd.  The team has a picture of them.  It’s true. The first night at the hotel we heard loud sex sounds coming from her room.  We heard her say his name.  I am not t hat young so don’t tell me I don’t know what sex is – I know what they were doing. I told my teammates what I heard so they came in the hallway and also heard it.  We were like “ wtf, that’s messed up”. After about an hour when they finished we went and told our head coach Mr. S.  He teaches at the school. He was upset as well and I actually saw him start to cry.  He felt bad for us and tried to keep us calm. Thank god he was there to calm us down. Then to make things worse it happened again two nights later. This time until 4 am. My whole team was in the hallway listening and at this point it was just shocking.  We saw him leave her room through the peep hole on the door. So disgusting. I hope she loses her job and gets everything she deserves. The parents paid for her hotel and I think she got paid the 2 days to be on the trip. I never want her as a teacher or coach again. Gross.</p>