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        My daughter and her team mates came home from a tournament in Timmins where they were accompanied by a teacher who was heard by all of them having loud sex with the coach from another team.  Apparently he is a married man and they were also seen sleeping together on the bus.  Now the complaints were given to the school and the teacher has apparently been moved from this school.  This is not acceptable knowing they are allowing this teacher to now teach at other schools without any other repercussions.  This is being discussed by many of the girls and now it’s just a joke to them as nothing has been done.  What kind of example is this for our children knowing the school and the board think this is the example our kids should have in our schools. Bad enough to have them hear the actions and then knowing their teacher has no morals being with a married man.


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          I cannot believe what I just read.   This is horrible and someone should take this to the board.

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            Yes I know the teacher. She is a supply teacher teacher  and he is a volunteer coach. How is she still teaching in this board ?

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                Heard she’s got a LTO with the Lakehead Board now.

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                Sounds like the Catholic board.  They ignore anything that makes them look bad.  My son has been bullied for years and they have done nothing.  It’s worse than ever after speaking to guidance counselor’s and the principal.

                I can’t wait until this year is over and he’s done with high school

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                  how is this possible now a days with all the things in the news that we have teachers in supervision roles getting away with deplorable behaviour while they are supposed to be responsible for our children.  This is unacceptable and I can’t believe they are still in positions where are children are involved.  Not just the lady but the male coach being allowed to be part of any sport team.  I don’t see any excuse for them not acting as a board to remedy this with repercussions that match the disgusting behaviour of those involved.

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                    The Board is fully aware of what transpired on this trip.

                    Mr. McWhirter and Mr. Ianni called down several female students individually and questioned them about what they heard. In fact, Mr. Ianni interviewed a couple girls by HIMSELF. The Board thinks this was within admins scope and that no other female needed to be present during these interviews where sexual events were discussed.

                    Cassandra Soulias is the occasional teacher and Kevin Gvora was the volunteer coach.

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                      The male teacher interviewed female students without a female present.  That would put me into rage if that was my daughter.   What school was this  and has a superintendent been notified.  How old were the girls, minors and if so the board acted inappropriately and a parent should have been present.  Do these teachers understand the scope of these actions.   If you are a parent I would be seeking legal advice !

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                          Yes. Meeting with JP Tennier and one of the parent’s whose daughter was on the team was held. Board thinks everything was handled just fine. Lol

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                          <p class=”p2″>This is all accurate information. I am a grade 9 student at Ignatius and I was a player on the Junior team. Our assistant coach was Cassie. The head coach of the Senior team was Kevin. She was asleep on his shoulder on the bus ride down which we thought was odd.  The team has a picture of them.  It’s true. The first night at the hotel we heard loud sex sounds coming from her room.  We heard her say his name.  I am not t hat young so don’t tell me I don’t know what sex is – I know what they were doing. I told my teammates what I heard so they came in the hallway and also heard it.  We were like “ wtf, that’s messed up”. After about an hour when they finished we went and told our head coach Mr. S.  He teaches at the school. He was upset as well and I actually saw him start to cry.  He felt bad for us and tried to keep us calm. Thank god he was there to calm us down. Then to make things worse it happened again two nights later. This time until 4 am. My whole team was in the hallway listening and at this point it was just shocking.  We saw him leave her room through the peep hole on the door. So disgusting. I hope she loses her job and gets everything she deserves. The parents paid for her hotel and I think she got paid the 2 days to be on the trip. I never want her as a teacher or coach again. Gross.</p>

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                            This is absolutely unbelievable.  How can this possibly happen and these individuals are still employed.  The young girls comment who was present is horrifying.   Then interview with no female adult with her.  The parent should have been present   I don’t understand how this is it against every rule.   Just ridiculous   I’m so sorry for these young ladies 😢

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