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        It seems every day things cost more and I barely make it now and soon rates are going up .
        I’m sure I can’t afford any more without having to sell my house and move into a trailer and I certainly can’t afford my car rates anymore.

        I don’t know what to do. I work and make $50,000 a year and taxes take a lot.

        i have two teenage kids and they need stuff and of course food.

        Soon I will have to go to food banks and I’m embarrassed to do that.

        i just don’t know how to catch up or keep up

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          Hi   I’m so glad we met and we could help you and your kids.  It’s was my pleasure and my friends from the Power Centre made this happen and they were happy to know how the money was spent helping a family in need.

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            Thank you so much for everything.  My kids were so excited and the treats for them made it so special.  The dog food and treats really helped us.  Please thank them for their kindness and you for delivering so much.  I just can’t thank you enough 😊

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