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        It’s only been a few months and I feel like I’m living in a bad dream.  I check her room constantly and I just wonder around in a daze.  Her friends come to visit all the time but when they leave I feel worse.

        i don’t know where to go.  I cannot afford much and don’t have anyone to talk to   My family lives far away and we talk on phone and chat but nothing seems to help:(

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          I’m so sorry to read this and I can only say that it will only fade the pain somedays.  I lost my son to cancer 5 years ago and every day I think of him and sometimes I think I see him.  I am living and remembering the time I had with him now and not thinking about the time I lost   There are no memories of the time I lost. You can reach out to many organizations like I did at first and they helped a little but it doesn’t leave the pain it just lessons.

          God Bless you

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            I’m sorry for your loss❤️

            Hospice Northwest offers free grief counselling and you can find some information on their website  www.





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                Thank you for helping ❤️

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