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        1. I can’t barely survive with two kids the cost of rent with food and bills and everything being so expensive.  I’m not how long it will be before I can’t feed my kids decent food.  I bargain shop for everything and now buying frozen vegetables and I can’t afford fresh fruit or vegetables.

        i am afraid to go to food banks and embarrassed to ask for help.

        Has anyone ever used the food banks?

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          Hi there are anonymous food baskets that you can order for your family. They can help you get fruit and vegetables. I think the RFDA has a program. There’s no shame in wanting to feed your children, it’s very expensive. If you want to learn to grow your own it’s not expensive and there are some people in town that help families learn to garden at no expense.


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            Hi there,

            When I was little my family was very poor. My mom and dad’s family was very poor as well.

            When I was raising my son I also struggled similarly with rent and food cost. I’m sorry that you are having this experience. Today’s cost of living feels in possible sometimes. 🙁

            Things will get better though. The thing is, we all go through these tough spells until we aren’t anymore because we figure something out. Food banks were god send for me when my son was young. We always had 2nd hand clothes growing up, and so did my son.

            My son is proud of his history living with me me and boldly tells his friends about only buying 2nd hand and using social services to get to where we are. You personally have nothing to be ashamed of and I’m sorry to hear you feel this way. Remember, you’re part of a much bigger circumstance that is causing your need to reach out for these services. You’re not personally responsible for the financial struggles you’re facing currently.

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