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        This time of year always makes me feel worse.  I never really feel that great but these last few days I am sad most of the time.  I use medication and feel good for a bit but my mind races and anxiety at a maximum.  I would just love a little rest from thinking.
        Anyone else hate this time of year?

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          The spring is always a troubling time.  Things change around us but nothing for us is changed. Do something new and get fresh air and embrace the changes.  It will make you feel better 🙂

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            Hi Spring time can feel heavy, once the buds on the trees come out it seems to lift. In the past going for walks or working out has helped me through the lows. Or even sitting in the sunshine in front of an open window.

            wishing you brighter days around the corner.


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              I have experienced this and getting outside even if it’s cold and windy helps. Getting out of the house is really important.

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