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        I heard about this site from a friend who you helped and I’m hoping you can help me.   I have been dealing with depression on and off for years and recently it’s been overwhelming.


        Ive never been for counseling but my friend who you helped get started suggested I reach out.
        I don’t know where to begin and maybe tin could guide me.  Any help would be appreciated.

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          Good morning and thank you for reaching out.  I just came on the site and saw your message and I’m sure we can help you get started.


          We we have helped many here so far and I’m glad your friend suggested you contact me.

          This site is where you can talk about anything and we can soon speak privately about how we can set you up with some sessions and help ease some of the challenges you deal with.

          I have many peer support friends as well and they with help as well as many of them have been using peer and professional support for years.


          I will I’ll do whatever is required to find the best way to start and that can begin right here as soon as you are ready to share what causes the most of your down feelings.


          My name is Clint and you don’t need to add a name until we speak privately and if and when we set up a program for counselling.


          Thank you for making the first step and you are no longer alone.

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            I’ve also been helped here and have been in sessions for 4 weeks.  It was hard thing to do but Clint shared with me his first time and how it just got easier.  You are now on a path to getting better and be proud of yourself as I am.


            Im so happy for you ❤️

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              I’m so happy you are using happier as your name ❤️

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