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        So Easter is coming and I used to love getting ready for the family dinners and the kids and all the egg hunts.

        Now because of one family member no one gets together anymore.  It’s our mother who has separated everyone with her horrible behavior towards anyone who does not agree with her.  She’s mean and aggressive and just over all a terrible person.

        i miss this time with my entire family and Easter has like every other holiday a time I spend alone:(

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          Happy Easter. It’s important to have memories you can hold onto and cherish. Life has many changes and family dynamics change. Your mother must have her own issues to deal with that do not belong to you.  It’s important to set boundaries and not try to change them. You don’t have to please her and you don’t have to be available to her.  You certainly don’t have to spend holidays with her.  Most important you have to take care of yourself.  Self care is the most important advice I could give you and reaching out is important and I am grateful you did.

          I am always here and will listen if you need anytime.

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