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        It’s been six months since I lost my son to an overdose and I don’t know how to cope especially his birthday is coming up and my grief is overwhelming.  I had some counseling but I can’t afford to keep going and I’m hoping I can get some help here and someone to talk to.  I don’t know where else to go and any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          I’m so sorry for your loss.  I have lived with the loss on my son for over two years.   I’ve been in and out of counseling and have helped an organization raising awareness:  This has helped me and my new friends have been very supportive.

          If you want I can reach out for you and maybe you could come out and see some of us.

          I am here for you when you need 🙂

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            I’ll never get over losing my daughter and I won’t stop advocating for the enforcement of the criminals that out these killer drugs on the street.  I’m so sorry for both of your losses 🥲

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              I know there are many parents going through the same thing that you are.  I know quite a few support each other through The DEK Foundation.

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