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        All these school threats are getting everyone I know on edge.  The school says it’s safe but they don’t know.

        My mom is talking to the school all the time and they have the same answer.  Everyone is safe and monitored.

        I’m sick of all of it 🙁

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          • This is my issue now sending my kids to school.  The threats coming from the US   What’s next   Every say I have to tell my kids to be prepared as we all should.  The schools cannot protect them.  They have to protect themselves.
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            My kids don’t want to go to their school anymore.  The whole environment is sad and they all talk about the constant threats and as a parent I don’t blame any of them.  I have spoke on behalf of my kids and so have my friends.  The school has no guarantees and no answers.  It’s so frustrating.

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