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      Just tired

        I’m happy I found this site and can speak about the he challenges I face and many face as young adults.   Everything is unattainable and unaffordable and I’m struggling just to survive.  I work long hours and make a decent wage but in the last few years I’m barely getting by.  I talk to my friends but don’t want to show how desperate I am most of the time and honestly I am scared that soon I will have to move to a tiny apartment and even that is costly.

        I don’t waste one penny and still I can’t afford anything outside of paying bills.  I could use someone to talk to about what to do next as this is difficult on my own.


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          Hi.  I certainly can relate.  I shop only around bargains and even doing that I’m still left with very little.   Seems all work I do is for nothing.

          I wish I had a good answer but I can only say you are not alone 🙂


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