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        I’ve done everything for my mother who lives in Spence Court and the situation there is horrible. My mother never leaves her apartment as she’s scared and even worried about me visiting.  The outside area is a mess with young people doing drugs and fighting and I’ve reached out to city and the housing people and they have done nothing.

        Its just a matter of time when someone is hurt or even worse.


        Someone needs to do something.


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          I have reached out to both school boards and am waiting to hear back.  I promise I will get some help from the schools and the administration.

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              I have the same issues with my dad in Spence court.  It is a nightmare outside and the inside smells of urine and worse.  I am trying to find another place for him but the cost is so night for renting.  It’s disgusting how they let this happen.  I have called DSAB so many times and no one cares.


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              Good luck with the school board getting back to you.  They don’t care it seems.

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                I have spoken to DSAB numerous times.  No help at all!

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