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        I have lived in Thunder Bay my entire life and I have never seen things worse.  We have more drugs and gangs and deaths than any other city.  I don’t know what has happened but I do know our city council and other politicians have done nothing to solve the problem.  Nothing is better and things seem to be getting worse by the day.  I am tired of all the promises and nothing ever gets done.  They want to spend money on sports buildings or galleries while people die on the streets. I’m ashamed of all of them and I’m afraid to walk the streets.

        We need strong people to take those who fail us to take charge so I can go to a park with my grandkids and not find needles or scary people.


        We need change !

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          It seems we are all seeing the destruction of our beautiful city and no one seems to have the answers.  Please don’t let this take away your joy with your grandkids and find a way to see the good knowing you have their lives to care for a protect.  I am speaking out and many others as well and we here you.  There are many places to enjoy and find safety in areas that have plenty of activity like the marina or Waverly where 5ere are many others around.  Safety in numbers as they say.


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            All cities have crime and drugs. Have you been to Toronto ? Chicago? Other cities in the US? It’s everywhere.

            Sporting events keep kids off the streets and off devices.  Keep them busy in other activities and hopefully they stay away from drugs.

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