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        it’s been one year today I lost my daughter to suicide.  My daughter was a beautiful vibrant girl with everything to line for.

        Her name is Kylee and Kylee fell in with a crowd of kids that were using drugs and I guess she felt pressure to join in and over time I could see changes in her.  Eventually she started to withdrawal and stopped going out and seemed depressed all the time.

        I tried to help her but she became angry all the time.
        I asked her friends and they said she didn’t contact them anymore and they didn’t know what happened.

        She was only 17 and when I found her they said she had taken lethal drugs and they presumed she committed suicide.

        To this day I’m not sure but she died from what she had used.

        I don’t know how to deal with this and have started to feel sick all the time and can’t seem to get headaches all the time.


        Ive spoken to counselors and they make me feel a little better but when I get home I’m back to feeling depressed. The cost of continuing counseling is making everything difficult and I can’t afford it any longer.


        Im hoping for some advice on where I can get help and not cost so much.

        i hope someone here can help me !

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          Good morning. I’m so sorry to read this message about Kylee. So tragic and painful and nothing I’m sure could be worse than losing a child.  Just so you know my name is Clint Harris and I can be reached at any time 8076323229.

          I am here to listen and to help in any way I can.  I have a fund to help those who cannot afford professional counselling and with this I can help you to continue your work at finding a way to feel better.

          I try to explain the importance of remembering the time you had and not the time you lost as those memories can always take up space in your mind and bring you some comfort.

          You can reach out to me if you wish and I can make some arrangements for you.

          Please don’t hesitate to ask for my help



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